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The whisker foundation

(Stichting Snorhaar)

What are the plans?

Wild Animal Care

The Whisker Foundation is a shelter: a specialized place for wild animals that are temporarily not able to live in the wild because of injury or illness. Furthermore there will be space for animals that need a safe home for the rest of their lives.

Social Projects

Animals can have a positive influence on people. Research shows us that contact with animals can lead to decreasing feelings of loneliness and depression. The Whisker Foundation wants to develop project to use the positive energy of animals for the wellbeing of people. In these projects the animal welfare will always be the keystone.



People have an enormous impact on animal welfare. With both educational projects and creating a place within the sanctuary to show people what our impact is on nature the Whisker Foundation wants to contribute to the prevention of animal suffering


- All animals are Equal -

But some animals are more equal than others

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George Orwell



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