About Us

The founding of a foundation

In the summer of 2021 the first ideas for the Whiskers Foundation arose. Because of the want for new life goals and the need for a shelter for wildlife near Utrecht the first steps were taken to start a new foundation.

Loads of things are still unclear and many of the plans are still on the drawing table. That is because housing and taking care of wild animals is not allowed in the Netherlands. To assure animal welfare and the welfare of the people being active for the Whisker Foundation we want to build it on solid fundaments.

To arrange this a good dose of ideas, experience, enthusiasm, and money will be needed. In 2022 the plans will be developed and we hope that we can make a start in 2023. If you have good ideas or tips, be sure to contact us!

The foundation will be developed step by step. Keep an eye on this page for all personal and organizational steps that are made.

We hope to hear from you! 



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